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09 October 2011 @ 07:33 pm
Bebel Gilberto- Momento [DL]  
Hey guys, we are sorry we have neglected the community a bit but we thank you for still sticking around watching us. We really appreciate it! ♥

We have been super busy lately but luckily, i had some time and i wanted to share a bit of my collection.

What i have today is the CD Momento by Bebel Gilberto. Bebel Gilberto is from New York but she's no stranger to Brazilian music and of course Bossa Nova. Her father is João Gilberto and her mother is Miúcha. Awesome music skills run through this family haha so Bebel Gilberto is no exception. My mom really loves Brazilian music, i grew up with it as well and she discovered Bebel a few years ago and went out to buy her CD's and then she got me hooked on her music. I really enjoy this one because in her albums, she sometimes sings in English and sometimes has songs in Portuguese and this one is the one that has more in Portuguese, which i really enjoy. You have your mix of chill and relaxing songs along with the bossa nova sounding tunes to get your body moving. Her voice simply takes you to another world at times and i really love that about her music.

So here you go, i have another CD of hers and i shall upload soon but for now, enjoy this one! :)

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Bebel Gilberto- Momento
1. Momento
2. Bring Back The Love
3. Close to You
4. Os Novos Yorkinos
5. Azul
6. Caçada
7. Night and Day
8. Tranquilo
9. Um Segundo
10. Cadê Você
11. Words

Album scans are in the rar file! They have the lyrics.

Download here!

Please comment if taking,
it encourages me to share more music! :D

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Carol: cnblueslayerizedcarol on April 22nd, 2012 04:54 am (UTC)
Thank you for commenting! Really glad you liked it! I have one more CD that i might upload soon so keep an eye out for it! :)